Technical Measurements


Superbly low costs as compared to traditional methods


  • Aerial Photogrammetriy & Topography
  • Territorial Planification
  • Consulting


  • Construction Projects
  • Security
  • Aerial Photos & Videos


  • Aerial Photogrammetriy & Topography
  • 3D Modelling, Ortomapping
  • Industrial Plant Inspections & Monitoring: Water & Waste Treatment, Power, Mining, etc.
  • Environmental Analysis & Evaluations
  • Aerial & Conventional Photos & Videos


We create digital models utilizing photogrammetric techniques and UAVs . These models help create accurate and low cost calculations and artifacts. Our UAVs allow us to fly at very low altitudes, lowering costs compared to traditional methods. On top of the very low cost other value adds are:
  • Minute Precision.
  • Possibility to fly in conditions of thick cloud coverage.
  • Rapid turnaround times for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Georeferenced data and Google Earth overpositioning.


We can generate tridimensional models inside of virtual spaces. The digital objects can then be visualized from any angle and inserted into a digital context or lanscape.


Tridimensional graphics allows us to simulate a context that is yet to be realized in the physical world.
Innovative softwares allow us to model any type of structure or building. New rendering engines allow us to assign to the digital model various textures, shades, reflexes, to give the models a very realistic aspect. With photoinserts you can evaluate the visual impact of the project in the exact position of realization. This way the end result can be previewed before the actual construction or renovation is even started.
The main fields of application include:

  • Aerial Photos and Video production to support architecture, planification and monitoring;
  • Production of Aerofotogrammetry by proximity for the creation of 3D models;
  • Detailed Cartography;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Simulations.



One of the most risk prone sectors for workers is that of industrial and infrastructure inspections. Every day technicians climb up antennas, bridges, rocky slopes, electrical structures, to make inspections. Often these inspections are only visive and there is no need for a manual intervention.

With the use of UAVs we get high quality imaging with rapid turnaround, at low cost and without putting personnel at risk. We regularly conduct inspection operations with UAV on different types of infrastructures .

     The main fields of application for UAV inspections include:

  • Everywhere there is risk of difficult access;
  • Very large structures (Electrical infrastructure, Antennas, Telecomm Equipment, Industrial Sites);
  • Natural Disaster Areas