About Us

We redefine real world problems in massively more scalable & economical ways, integrating unmanned aerial solutions.


iFO’s mission is to be the world’s leading systems integrator and solutions provider for application of drone technologies in agriculture, security and film.

Using our expertise in technology and integration, we produce the most innovative and profitable drone solutions for farming and security needs.

Our Core Guiding Principles:

  • Innovation. First and always, we are innovators – bringing breakthrough technology to the mainstream marketplace.
  • Integration. We are integrators of state of the art technologies to enable scalable and efficient solutions.
  • Collaboration. We are seeking to build the industry and we want to do it with passionate and capable partners that like us can foresee the future and want to make the world a more just verdant and peaceful place.
  • Quality. We continually improve our solutions based on rigorous testing, partnerships and user feedback.


  • PASSION.    We are passionate about the possibilities of drone technologies and we approach each mission through the eyes of our clients.
  • DEDICATION.    We dedicated to treat our customers with the exceptional customer service that they deserve.
  • PRIDE.    We especially pride ourselves on fast-turnaround and resolving issues head-on as they arise.


As business entrepreneurs, engineers and creartive people, the founders of Intelligent Flying Objects were inspired by the possibilities of aerial drone technologies to empower people with advanced tools with which to increase efficiencies and lower cost of conventional operations, but felt limited by the lack of complete solutions in the marketplace of the currently available technology.

In truly innovative form, we decided to develop and patent our own solutions.

After years of research and development, we perfected our technical contributions to complete aerial drone solutions with vast applications to raise the bar on this exciting new area of technology.

The world is waiting for autonomous, secure, reliable and affordable aerial drone technology that solves real world problems. Our advanced patent-pending technology provides these innovatice and complete solutions.

Frustrated by the incomplete solutions, prohibitive costs of state of the art technology and inferior capabilities of our predecessors, Intelligent Flyong Objects founders innovated new drone technology that raises the bar allowing users to imagine, design, and implement solutions to real problems without sacrificing any element of their vision.